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Professional Freelance Attorney

Megan McCulloch, ESQ.

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Megan McCulloch

Megan is a freelance corporate attorney in Denver, Colorado. Megan takes on projects for Denver area firms in the areas of corporate formation and governance, contract review and drafting, securities, legal research and writing, intellectual property, and more. 

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Megan’s clients include:

  • Denver boutique firm specializing in small business advising and litigation
  • Denver and Colorado Springs firm specializing in real estate syndication with a passion for assisting Veteran clients
  • Two solo-practitioners specializing in technology companies, blockchain, fundraising, and fund formation
  • Two Solo-practitioner specializing in tax law, startups, and business advising
  • Solo-practitioner specializing in elder law and estate planning


everything your small business client needs. 

corporate formation & governance 

contract review and drafting

Securities research & compliance

gdpr & ccpa compliance

Trademark filing

equity raising

due diligence

legal research & writing


Services Offered

Megan can perform a wide variety of tasks to help your law firm succeed. Reduce your overhead and pass those savings along to your clients. 

From contract review and drafting, to legal research and writing, due diligence for fundraising and M&A transactions, securities research, state and federal filings and compliance: Megan is a one-stop-shop for all your small business clients’ needs. 


corporate formation & governance

C-corp, s-corp, LLCs and associated incorporation and filing docs. Ongoing governance compliance.

equity raising & securities compliance

Reg D exemptions, PPMs Crowdfunding circulars, state and federal filings and compliance.



Employment and IC agreements, MSAs and SOWs, Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policies.

legal research & writing

Skilled legal researcher on any topic, experience writing in both objective and persuasive styles.


Entrepreneurs for Change

Helping entrepreneurs succeed is Megan’s passion. Today’s entrepreneurs are making the world a better place via the crossroads of technology and community economic development. Megan’s focus on technology companies is at the core of her practice. 

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Megan McCulloch, Esq.

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